• Everyday With Our Awesome God

Our God is awesome. So are His deeds around the world. This devotional – Everyday with Our Awesome God combines inspiring, informative, and encouraging accounts of God’s work around the world with scriptural passages and insightful thoughts. It contains recent, true stories of how people are experiencing the work of Jesus Christ in their lives. The book consists of sixty daily devotions. Each devotion provides further proof of the amazing work of our awesome God. It may be read in one sitting or as a daily devotional. The book provides glimpses of a God who has a heart for the nations and encourages you to join Him in His mission. The main purpose of the book is to make known among the nations what God has done.


  • ABC Memory Verses for Kids

    When parents (or grandparents) train their children in God’s ways, they will become children born of God, disciples of Jesus and future leaders.  The memorized verses will help them to know God personally and keep them from sin.

We are in the last days in the sense our Lord Jesus is coming very soon.  May we use the best use of time, because the days are evil.

You can download the book as a pdf here.  If you would like to order more copies, please contact us, using the Contact Us link above.